Thursday, June 10, 2010

Horrible Experience in CMC Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Experience in CMC Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Hello Frnds,
My experience in CMC vellore is very horrible and terrible too, My close relatives was admitted in CMC Vellore for Fever treatment, they have facing problem that, in night Fever Raised about 104+ Celsius and as soon as sunrise fever also calm down. They search treatment in several hospitals but problem still there. Patient clear all Tests like. Happit. A , B , C and so on, MRI, CT-Scan, X-ray, all kind of Pathology test (as much as they can),AIDS, Dengu, Maleria, TB, Bone-marrow, Biopsy what nothing.. but all test show Negative Result and problem was as it is they can't find any solution or reason behind the fever, its really very silly that they even unable to find a clue ??, after several days pass suddenly hospital Dr. announce that patient suffering from severe immunity loss and we have to give him the antibiotic medicine, in starting they said we have to purchase more power-full does of antibio coz lower doses of antibio is like a water for your patient, we said ok as per Dr. guidance (what we should say on this ???). but after 2-3 days passed Dr. required more heavy doses of Antibio.. coz patient not responding on previous doses. Previously we purchase Approx Rs. 6000/ Injection (3 per day) after that they prescribe approx Rs. 20000/ injection (3 Per day) other than routine medicine. These treatment goes on several days in-between, patients health goes down and down, few days later Dr. again announced that patient had a infection in lungs we are trying to cure but we are unable to, after 2 more days they announced that due to heavy doses of Antibio patient will face kidney problem in future but it will curable (we have to believe this as we believe in GOD.) suddenly one morning we see that patient on ventilator……
After hour long discussion and arguing with Doctors we realized that we will lose our patient any time…. (What a terrible time that was…). Some more days passed, patient goes towards dialysis treatment… (Hours long process), which they give 2 in a 3-4 days… as per Doctor said we cant move our patient from CMC without ventilator, as we know that ventilator is not easy thing to move here and there, it means we have to stay as much as patients willpower,(as we know that no power will remain longer in this world) aur wahii hua jissa darr thaa…____/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/'-------------------- patient leave us alone. 
 (This is inside of CMC Vellore IICU Room)
Patient left behind 2 little daughters, wife and father in the early age of 45 Only. I have strong feeling that patient was dead just because of CMC vellore's experimental treatment….. They strongly believe that patients are like Rates for their experiment,
Please beware of CMC Vellore….. my humble request to you Plz don't go there

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