Thursday, June 10, 2010

CMC Velloer Hospital (Dead Zone)

Worst Place of India, CMC Vellore Tamil Nadu- INIDA
The total aim of Vellore CMC Hospital is to grab the money from the patients. I have bad experience in this
I am totally upset with their service. Their main aim is to grab the money by keeping the name of Hospital.

I am really sorry to say this because I had good opinion on this hospital. The first time I entered and faced this kind of problem so I could not able to digest it. It shows their cheap culture and stupid tricks to make money.

173 days ago by Dilli Babu

never go to cmc vellore ...i lost my mother there ...more than one month stayed as doctor i seen this hospital is only earning money...all staffs...specially nurses..behave inhuman ...i seen its having total system failure...most notorious ward is the surgery mother was behaving abnormally two days after splenectomy...her urine output was less than 300 ml in 24 hrs...i was frustrated requesting almost everybody from intern to the surgeon who did the operation to shift her to icu whole day ...i was crying ...but nobody was there to accept my words...nurses laughs when my mom shouts...but next day.when she become unconscious and statted gasping in the ward she was shifted to icu...and then the icu staff told that as she had cardiac arrest in the ward now chance is very less almost day she left a doctor i will say my mother was really neglected there..specially in the surgery ward...this ir really a very ordinary hospital...its earning because of its old fame i i advice all people specially people from west bengal and north east not to go there just to pour money to those stupid people ...there main income is from these places...they are very strict to get there bills ...that time they become private hospital...but when the question arises regarding reports and doctors visit then they become govt medical college...i have never met a real gentle man in the whole area in my one month stay...

Dr Ajoy Bhuyan


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  1. I totally agree with the above description. Fortunately or unfortunately, (I can't not decide), I am father-in-law of above said patient.
    I was not told in so details, as yet. It may be due to so called my old age. It is again a bad luck that I could visit this blog too late.